The Danish Partnership

The Danish Partnership – for a responsible alcohol culture

In early 2014 the Danish Ministry of Health presented a national prevention plan on health and formulated 7 targets to be achieved by 2020

Target number 5 is:

To reduce harmful use of alcohol and to postpone the alcohol debut for adolescents

The Danish Ministry of Health took the initiative to a partnership approach.

The Danish Partnership for a responsible alcohol culture is an ambitious initiative started in 2014, to promote a responsible alcohol culture in Denmark.

Partners include a large part of the value chain: producers, retailers, restaurants, bars and cafés.

      • DSK – The Federation of Retail Grocers in Denmark
      • The Danish Chamber of Commerce
      • HORESTA – Trade Association for the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism industry in Denmark
      • DRC –Danish Restaurants & Cafes Association
      • VSOD – The Wine and Spirits Organisation in Denmark
      • The Danish Brewers Association

The aim of the partnership is:

      • To create a powerful forum for a coordinated nationwide effort
      • To take active responsibility to reduce health inequalities
      • To exchange ideas and develop projects with the aim of promoting a responsible alcohol culture in Denmark and factual knowledge on alcohol
      • To reduce the number of Danes, who are using alcohol harmfully
      • To have encouraging initiatives with a positive attitude, without lecturing and pointing fingers

Please contact Louis Illum Honoré – head of communications – for further information

Telephone: 0045 7216 2428

Mobile: 0045 51 58 87 96

Alkoholpartnerskabet - Faxehus - Gamle Carlsberg Vej 16 - DK-1799 København V - Tel 72162424